The Order of the Blue Flame
Esoteric School

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Meditation is the Art of Self Contemplation in Concentration. It has several purposes and uses, among others, Purification of the Body, Development of the Self, Astral Travels and Guidance, which among some, will all be Cursuried here.

Self Development

Self Development is the Gaining of Wisdom through Understanding of Knowledge Obtained from Experience. It is to be understood that it is Understanding that takes place in the Heart and not in the Mind, so that the Aspirant in question grows deeper and his Character, the Shield of the Soul, becomes stronger in Virtue as in Valour.

The Aspirants Work

The Aspirants Work is understood as the Service that the Aspiring Tennant pays to the Initiated Society, and it is Threefold. First there is Spiritual Aspiration, which has a Healing effect on the Planets Aura. This can be as simple as a quiet thanksgiving each day at Sunset, or as profilic as a common meditation upon the Eternal Flame every New Moon, however, it must be Conducted with Respect and in Aspiration. The Second issue is that of Guidance. Allow yourself to be a Master and Guide those of lesser Understanding towards the Light of the Eternal Spirit. Thirdly there is the Case of Definition. Certain Soules have Broken Beyond Repair, a cord has been Torn and there is no longer any Reason in the Body. The Spirit has left Them. This is to be Remedied and a Definition of Order has to be set down for the Spirit to be Renewed and the body once again to be Healthy.

The Wisdom of the Ancients

The Wisdom of the Ancients Revolves around a Book, called that, once in a Forest Kingdom now in Namibia a good 10.000 years ago. Since then the Book has Travelled first to the Egyptians, later through the Assasin cults of Lebanon to Europe and finally to be Discovered by the Red Branch of the Catholic Church in Spain in the middle of the 17th Century. This Book is the Tarot. It Exists on the Astral Plane and can be Envisioned by the Adept. It was from this Astral Template that Lady Frieda Harris took down a Copy and it is now known as the Thoth Tarot Deck.